• Wasting time on Documentation?
  • Your database documentation is becoming obsolete?
  • You don't even know what your ETL is doing?

Document them all with 1 click

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WikiGenerator implements database-optimized queries to allow fast scan of your system.

In few minutes your documentation is online and ready to be used.

Save time and enhance your productivity!

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Easy to Use

Written in Java GUI, WikiGenerator allows users to connect and scan a database in very few clicks

All you need to install and run is:

  • A Java Virtual Machine (1.6+) installed
  • Network connectivity with our server in the cloud

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No business data and connection parameters are sent to public networks.

Table structure (columns name and type, primary and foreign keys, metadatas and so on..) or ETL jobs are sent to the internet through secured connection (SSL)

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Document Database Structure

How much time do you spend documenting a database?

A lot of time, indeed. WikiGenerator allows you to create a documentation page for each table or view in few minutes. Stop wasting dba time!

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Document ETL Flows

Lack of time, always on hurry: ETL flows and database structures remain frequently undocumented.

Add quickly and easily your documentation with WikiGenerator!

WikiGenerator works with complexity: it vizualizes your ETL graphics and flows

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OpenSource Wiki

We used instances of DokuWiki as backend to publish documentation.

DokuWiki is Opensource, no need of further license.

WikiGenerator makes it easy to add or edit content, using a friendly WYSIWYG interface.

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